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(Opinion) Pakistan's unique relations with China

2015-02-12 08:57:01       source:Tribune

By Talat Masood


February 11, 2015


"The news that the president of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, will be the chief guest at the March parade this year has been warmly received in Pakistan. President Barack Obama's presence in New Delhi on India's Republic Day parade and the heavy tilt of Narendra Modi towards aligning his country's policies with Washington created unease both in China and Pakistan. President Xi's visit will be reassuring and will provide good optics reflecting the strong bonds that exist between the two countries who have stood the vagaries of time. More recently, the extreme warm reception that General Raheel Sharif was accorded in Beijing and the strong statements made by the Chinese military leadership reiterating full support to Pakistan were also expressions of the same policy.


Sino-Pakistan relations, since the early 1950s, have been consistent, multi-faceted and span strategic defence, political, economic and diplomatic ties. China considers Pakistan useful in countering India, values its geostrategic position and considers it an important ally in the Muslim world."


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