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US finalises next China tariff list targeting US$16 billion in imports

2018-08-08 11:52:29       source:Straits Times

August 8, 2018

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) -- The United States will begin collecting tariffs on another US$16 billion (S$22 billion) in Chinese goods on Aug 23, the US Trade Representative's office said on Tuesday (Aug 7) as it published a final tariff list targeting 279 import product lines.

The action is the latest by US President Donald Trump to put pressure on China to negotiate trade concessions after imposing tariffs on US$34 billion in goods last month.

The latest list brings the total Chinese imports that face a 25 per cent tariff to about US$50 billion in a rapidly escalating trade war that could eventually slap duties on all goods traded between the world's two largest economies.

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