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(Analysis) Vietnam-China Relations: No Scapegoat in Year of the Goat

2015-02-15 08:26:25       source:Eurasia Review

By Ha Anh Tuan and Thuc D. Pham


February 14, 2015


"Although the New Year 2015 has come for a couple of months, for nearly one fourth of the world's population, including the Vietnamese and the Chinese, who celebrate the Lunar New Year as their biggest festive season, the Year of the Goat is approaching. Now is the good time to reflect the outgoing year; forgive any mistake; wish everyone a happy new year, full of health, love, and friendship; and wish every nation a new year full of wealth, peace, and stability.


2014 is a difficult year in Vietnam-China relations. China unilaterally deployed its giant oil rig, CNOOC981, in the waters inside Vietnam's Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf on May 1, 2014, violating Vietnam's legitimate rights entitled by the international laws. The Vietnamese government and people have firmly objected to this move. Hanoi employed a variety of peaceful measures to resolve the problem and did not rule out the possibility to bring the dispute into an international court. The Vietnamese people took to the streets in Vietnam, and many major cities in the US, Europe, and Australia to protest Beijing's ploy."


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