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Philippines' inflation crisis: will Duterte feel the pinch?

2018-09-23 09:13:23       source:The South China Morning Post

September 23, 2018

Celebrity chef Him Uy de Baron of the Philippines is facing a dilemma. The cost of the local chilli he uses at the Peruvian restaurant he manages has recently tripled. Imported ingredients have also become much more expensive because of the weak peso.

He has raised prices at the restaurants he runs by 5 per cent to 12 per cent, but if he goes any higher, his customers will not be coming back.

“There’s a [Peruvian] restaurant that I manage that uses a lot of cilantro. And even though we have secured our supply for this, prices have gone up so high that we needed to cut down usage of it,” said Him. “We have increased prices but we can only increase them so much. We are perpetually cost engineering our recipes to look for alternatives to lower the prices so we can maintain our competitiveness.”

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