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Brics slam protectionism as China-US spat overshadows G-20 talks

2018-12-01 09:46:02       source:The Straits Times

December 1, 2018

BUENOS AIRES (REUTERS) - Chinese President Xi Jinping and the leaders of major developing economies condemned protectionism at a G-20 summit in Argentina on Friday (Nov 30) overshadowed by US President Donald Trump's threat to escalate tariffs on China.

This year's two-day gathering is a major test for the Group of 20 industrialised nations, whose leaders first met in 2008 to help rescue the global economy from the worst financial crisis in seven decades.

With a rise in nationalist sentiment in many countries, the G-20 - which accounts for two-thirds of the global population - faces questions over its ability to deal with trade tensions, which have roiled global markets.

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