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Senior Taliban commander killed by US airstrike in Afghanistan, officials say

2018-12-03 09:55:16       source:The Guardian

December 2, 2018

A senior Taliban military commander has been killed in a US airstrike in Afghanistan, officials said on Sunday. The news came at the end of a week in which three American service members were killed.

Confirming the strike, a US force spokesman said: “The Taliban should consider intensifying peace talks, not the fight. They’re going to have trouble intensifying the fight when their fighters and leaders are under constant assault.”

Abdul Manan, the Taliban “shadow governor” in the southern Helmand province, died of wounds sustained late on Saturday, said Omar Zwak, a spokesman for the official governor of the province. Manan’s death was confirmed by the Taliban as a “big loss”. The group vowed it would not affect military operations.

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