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Iran’s supreme leader says ‘Death to America’ actually means to Trump, Bolton and Pompeo

2019-02-09 09:53:25       source:The Washington Post

February 8, 2019

Iran has no fight to pick with the American people, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said Friday. Well, maybe just a few of them.

In comments at a gathering of Iranian air force officers, in which he called the United States the “embodiment of evil,” Khamenei also parsed the “Death to America!” chants so often heard at pro-government rallies in Iran.

“I am telling the Americans, 'Death to America’ means death to [President] Trump, [national security adviser] John Bolton and [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo,” he said, according to the supreme leader’s official website. (The speech was delivered in Persian and used the Persian phrase for “Death to America.” But an English translation of the speech posted on the website substituted the phrase “Down with the USA.”)

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