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EU scores at China summit with assist from Trump

2019-04-10 10:56:04       source:Politico

April 9, 2019

EU and Chinese officials meeting in Brussels on Tuesday proclaimed their summit as a win-win, but far more striking was the big loser: Donald Trump.

European Council President Donald Tusk declared a "breakthrough" on some of the EU's major trade disagreements — including a joint pledge to back tough World Trade Organization rules on industrial subsidies. Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said: "Today, we are making good on our joint commitment to uphold and to update the rules-based global order that has served us so well."

And Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, appearing at a news conference with Tusk and Juncker, declared the agreements reached at the summit "something good for China's reform and opening-up endeavors, and good for European unity and prosperity."

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