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Trump warns China to act on US trade deal or face worse terms

2019-05-12 09:36:00       source:The Straits Times

May 12, 2019

WASHINGTON (BLOOMBERG) - US President Donald Trump said it would be wise for China to "act now" to finish a trade deal with the United States, predicting that "far worse" terms would be on offer for them after what he predicted would be his certain re-election in 2020.

"I think that China felt they were beaten so badly in the recent negotiation that they may as well wait around for the next election," Trump said on Saturday (May 11) in a pair of early-evening tweets.

"The only problem is that they know I am going to win."

Trump's comments came a day after talks between the two economic superpowers ended without a resolution, the US increased its tariffs on billions of dollars of imports, and China made clear what it wants to see from the US in talks to end their trade war.

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