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Malaysia's Mahathir bans sea sand exports to Singapore, in major blow to city state's expansion plans

2019-07-04 10:20:18       source:South China Morning Post

July 3, 2019

Malaysia, Singapore’s biggest source for sea sand, has banned the export of the commodity, according to officials in Kuala Lumpur, a move that traders said could complicate the city state’s ambitious expansion plans on reclaimed land.

Those plans include the development of the Tuas “mega port”, slated to be the world’s biggest container terminal. Singapore has increased its land area by a quarter since independence in 1965, mostly by using sand to reclaim coastal areas.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who came to power in a shock election win last year, imposed a ban on all sea sand exports on October 3, according to two senior government sources with direct knowledge of the decision.

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