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PM Modi's China visit is a step in the right direction

2015-03-16 08:41:01       source:Daily Mail

March 15, 2015


"Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit China in May. ‘Hometown diplomacy’, took President Xi Jinping to Modi’s home state when he visited India last September; it will now be Modi’s turn to visit Xian during his visit. 


Xian is the capital of Xi’s home province and was once the nucleus of the Silk Route. According to the state-run China Daily, ‘hometown diplomacy’ is emerging as the latest trend to showcase the closeness of ties between countries. 


Such closeness, even if it is punctuated with differences and disputes, is better than mutual demonisation. The visit will be amid diplomatic outreach by the prime minister and heightened expectations from him on resolution of India’s problems with neighbours. "


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