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North Korea fires more unidentified projectiles, South Korea says

2019-08-10 09:14:24       source:CBS News

August 9, 2019

South Korea's military said Saturday that North Korea fire two more unidentified projectiles into East Sea, Yonhap reported. North Korea has launched short-range missilesat least four other times since July 25 as the U.S. and South Korea prepare joint military exercises.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported Saturday that Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the projectiles were launched from an area near the North's east coast. It didn't immediately identify the projectiles or how far they flew, but North Korea has unleashed a series of test firings of short-range ballistic missiles in recent weeks.

The North Korean missile tests, which Donald Trump has repeatedly played down, come amid stalled diplomatic talks with the U.S. on the North's nuclear program. So far, North Korea has stuck by its unilateral suspension of nuclear and long-range missile tests, which came during a diplomatic outreach to Washington last year. 

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