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Italy's Di Maio warns snap elections could still happen as he gives opposition PD party an ultimatum

2019-08-31 08:47:19       source:CNBC

August 30, 2019

Luigi Di Maio, the leader of Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S), is taking a tough stance with his proposed new coalition partners in Rome, saying the Democratic Party (PD) needs to accept a string of policy demands to fulfill a power-sharing agreement.

Italian stocks slipped Friday afternoon after a week of solid gains. Investors had cheered the prospect of a M5S-PD pact which Prime Minister Guiseppe had been given a mandate to form earlier this week.

The two left-leaning parties were due to take over from a rocky coalition between M5S and the right-wing Lega party — which crumbled last week after coming to power in June 2018.

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