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Pope Francis says it's an "honor" to be criticized by Catholic conservatives in the U.S.

2019-09-05 09:27:24       source:CBS News

September 4, 2019

Pope Francis on Wednesday said it's an "honor" to be criticized by Catholic conservatives in the United States. He made the comments while on a 10-and-a-half hour flight from Rome to Maputo, Mozambique, where he begins a week-long tour of three African nations.

It's customary for the pope to come to the back of the plane to greet journalists traveling with him. Roughly 60 journalists are accompanying Francis on the journey and generally each one has a few moments to have an informal conversation with the pope.

Usually the conversations are innocuous small talk and don't make headlines. But, on this flight, a French journalist who covers the Vatican, handed Pope Francis a book he'd written titled, "Comment L'Amérique Veut Changer de Pape" or "How America Wants to Change the Pope." The book includes criticism from conservative American Catholics who dislike Francis for issues ranging from immigration to climate change, and would like to see a new pope elected. Seneze covers the Vatican for the French Catholic newspaper La Croix.

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