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China, Europe to stand united on free trade

2019-11-07 09:03:53       source:Global Times

November 7, 2019

China and France moved forward to deepening bilateral ties as both countries pledged to uphold multilateralism and free trade. 

As one of the largest EU countries, France has further engagement with China, which may help forge new EU-China ties, and defy rising protectionism under the Trump administration. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday held talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, vowing to work together to further advance the China-France comprehensive strategic partnership, look out to the world, the future and the people, and keep the partnership at the forefront of major-country relations, the Xinhua News Agency reported. 

The two countries have been sharing core interests on climate change and biodiversity, taking joint action in the past two years, and the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement only makes the China-French partnership in those areas more necessary, media reported.

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