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Japanese, S. Korean senior trade officials to discuss tightened export controls: Tokyo

2019-11-30 09:03:05       source:Global Times

November 29, 2019

Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hiroshi Kajiyama said Friday that senior trade officials from Tokyo and Seoul will meet to discuss Japan's tightened export controls, with the meeting slated to take place next month.

The proposed meeting set to be held during the third week in December in Tokyo, will mark the first such director general-level meeting between both sides in more than three years and the first since Japan slapped tighter controls on tech-related exports to South Korea in July.

"I am confident that through continuous conversation, things will begin to head in a good direction," Kajiyama told a press briefing on the matter, adding that the talks would provide an opportunity to "check the current situation, rather than find a solution."

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