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U.S. officials sound alarm on China at global security conference

2020-02-18 09:08:15       source:CBS News

February 17, 2020 

Munich — At a top annual global affairs conference, bipartisan senior U.S. officials warned partner nations about potential security threats from China, focusing in particular on the risks of using Chinese telecommunications company Huawei for emerging 5G technologies. The officials sent this message in both on-stage appearances and private sidebars.

In their public remarks on stage at the three-day Munich Security Conference, top congressional, defense and diplomatic officials said that countries making the financially expedient choice to work with China in the short term could face incalculable security costs in the future. Mostly absent from their warnings was mention of other traditionally top-tier concerns about Russia, Iran and North Korea's nuclear threat.

The seemingly coordinated push came as key U.S. allies, including Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada, determine whether to ban Huawei from their respective build-outs of domestic 5G telecommunications infrastructure. The United Kingdom, which did not have official representation at the conference, announced last month it would allow Huawei a restricted role inside its 5G networks.

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