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G20 to inject hope to world

2020-03-26 09:40:30       source:Global Times

March 26, 2020

After weeks of chaotic responses by individual countries to the global coronavirus pandemic marked by various restrictions on travel and trade and even finger-pointing, major global powers are finally pushing for coordinated efforts to combat the common threat, injecting a desperately needed sense of direction and hope for a world facing an unprecedented crisis.

Leaders from the Group of 20 (G20) members will hold a virtual summit on Thursday to discuss global responses to the pandemic. The meeting and the G20, which represents two-thirds of the world's population, offer the best platform for countries to coordinate everything from medical supplies to monetary policies to cope with the pandemic, Chinese and foreign analysts said on Wednesday.

China, which has effectively reined in the epidemic at home and has stepped up support for dozens of other countries in their fight against the virus, will likely play a major role in coordinating global efforts and helping guide the world out of the current crisis, given its expertise and massive resources, analysts noted.

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