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Ex-Indian govt advisor calls for India, China to de-escalate situation, rejects US interference in border issues

2020-06-25 08:55:37       source:Global Times

June 24, 2020

India and China should work on mutual trust using their political and civilizational wisdom to de-escalate the border situation as neither should prepare for a military conflict, a senior advisor to a former Indian Prime Minister told the Global Times on Tuesday. 

India and China are not prepared nor should they prepare for a military conflict, Sudheendra Kulkarni, an advisor to former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and now a well-recognized political columnist, told the Global Times in an exclusive interview on Tuesday. 

Ultra-nationalism is bad for both India and China, he said, adding that, in India, it has unfortunately resulted in a "stupid campaign" of boycotting Chinese goods. "As two developing countries and two large neighboring nations… we have responsibilities to cooperate with each other and contribute to the prosperity of our two countries, and to peace and development in the world," Kulkarni said.

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