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Trump administration officials diverge on setting China policies: experts

2020-06-25 08:58:57       source:Global Times

June 24, 2020

Senior officials from Trump administration seem continue to diverge on how to pursue trade and economic relations with China, which should be prepared for the wobbly polices coming from Washington, Chinese experts say. 

After Trump's trade advisor Peter Navarro told Fox News on Monday that the phase one trade deal with China was "over," followed by a series of clarifications from the White House including President Trump tweeting the deal is "fully intact," US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Tuesday that he had "every expectation" that China would live up to the terms of the trade deal.

In addition, he hoped US companies should cooperate with their Chinese counterparts. "If we can compete with China on a fair and level playing field, it is a great opportunity for US businesses and US workers, as China has a large, growing middle class," the secretary said. "But if we can't participate and compete on a fair basis, then you are going to see a decoupling going forward."

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