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India ‘holds' Chinese goods from clearance, to backfire and hurt global industrial chains: expert

2020-06-26 08:35:14       source:Global Times

June 25, 2020 

India is reportedly putting some containers from China on hold during clearance for all-round inspection and scrutiny amid the recent stand-off between the two nations, following a fatal border clash. It is a stupid choice which will backfire and hurt global industrial chains, a Chinese expert said.

Boycott campaigns of some Indian residents may still be understandable to express anger, while it is a foolish move for the country to play such tricks to obstruct cross-border logistics, as they will hinder the operations of India-based firms and their investment environment, Long Xingchun, the director of the Center for Indian Studies at China West Normal University, told the Global Times on Thursday.

Reuters reported that Apple, Dell and Cisco products were also in the containers and have been held up in ports, as well as pharmaceutical consignments, which rely heavily on Chinese supplies.

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