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Traditional food Zongzi helps Australian Chinese under pandemic find taste of home

2020-06-26 08:36:53       source:Global Times

June 25, 2020

With social restrictions still on shopping and dining in restaurants, and no dragon boat race, making and eating Zongzi has become the only way for many Australian Chinese to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, which fell on Thursday this year.

Zongzi is a traditional and iconic food, which Chinese people enjoy on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival. It is a sticky rice dumpling wrapped up with bamboo or reed leaves. Normally, people in southern parts of China like to eat salty ones, having sticky rice with pork, salted yolk or even mushrooms and chestnuts while people in northern parts of China prefer the sweet variety, having sticky rice with red jujubes or grinded red beans.

Zhang Peng, owner of Ample Grocery in Wollongong, started to replenish her Zongzi stock nearly three months before the Dragon Boat Festival.

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