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China welcomed in Arab world, respected for internal affairs: Saudi Ambassador

2020-07-28 09:53:24       source:Global Times

July 27, 2020

Saudi Arabia fully supports China's efforts in dealing with issues regarding the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region as they are China's internal affairs, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to China said, noting that China-Saudi Arabia ties have been stable and solid both before and after the coronavirus pandemic.

As for the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and China-Saudi Arabia collaboration in tackling COVID-19, Ambassador Turki M. A. Almadi told the Global Times in an exclusive interview that Saudi Arabia is the gateway in the Arab world for BRI cooperation with China and highly appreciates China's help in fighting against the deadly disease.

Principle of no interference

"Saudi Arabia's positions regarding Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues are clear: They are totally China's internal affairs," said Almadi. "We believe in the principle of no interfering of internal affairs of other countries, which is very important in international relations."

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