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UK's Johnson hits the brakes after 'warning light' of spike in cases

2020-08-01 08:24:04       source:CGTN

July 31, 2020

UK prime minister Boris Johnson has said his country must "squeeze the brake pedal" after seeing a "warning light" in the recent uptick of infections – as government scientists lost confidence that the COVID-19 reproduction rate was still below 1 in England. 

"I've said throughout the pandemic that there would be fresh outbreaks," Johnson said at a news conference, the morning after his government tightened restrictions for four million people across a swathe of northern England. 

"I said we would not hesitate to put on the brakes at the slightest sign that the numbers were going in the wrong direction. We're now seeing a warning light on the dashboard," he continued, so "we should now squeeze that brake pedal to keep the virus under control."

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