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(Commentary) Japan's meddling in South China Sea at wrong time, wrong place

2015-04-18 09:12:06       source:Xinhua News Agency

April 17, 2015

"Using multilateral platforms like the Group of Seven (G7) to meddle in the situation of the South China Sea, Japan has once again made an unwise move which came at a wrong place and a wrong time.

G7 foreign ministers compiled a document Wednesday on maritime security, renewing attention to the South China Sea by opposing "any attempt to press maritime or territorial claims through the use of intimidation, coercion or force."

The document is a result of the "consistent efforts and hard work" of the Japanese government, which is greatly interested in keeping this issue on the agenda in coming years to step up pressure on China over territorial issues in the South China Sea, to which none of the G7 members is a relevant party."

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