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Shenzhen granted new role in ‘one country, two systems’

2020-10-15 09:17:10       source:Global Times

October 14, 2020

President Xi Jinping on Wednesday further elevated the role of Shenzhen, a pioneer of China's decades of reform and opening-up that lifted the country from poverty to global prominence, giving the city a historic mission to further implement the "one country, two systems" through integrated development with the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions. 

In a speech to celebrate what he called a Shenzhen miracle, Xi said that Shenzhen is not only tasked to further lead the country's process of socialist modernization, but also to enrich the new practices of the "one country, two systems" cause.

Shenzhen's new role could also help Hong Kong, in particular, address its social and economic woes following unrest last year that threatened the city's stability and prosperity and challenges the "one country, two systems" principle, experts said.

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