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Brussels doubles down on tough talk as UK threatens to walk on talks

2020-10-17 09:13:45       source:CGTN

October 17, 2020

Boris Johnson's threat of a no-deal Brexit brought a cautious sigh of relief from Europe. After all, the UK prime minister had threatened to pull the plug completely if a pathway to a deal wasn't found by the end of a high-level summit in Brussels. But EU leaders interpreted his tough talk as mostly bluster.  

"Boris Johnson is implicitly stating that he wants the talks to continue," Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said after the heads of the EU's 27 member states wrapped up their two-day meeting on Friday. "The negotiators will be back at the table on Monday, I think, and will try to crack this thing as soon as possible." 

As European heads of state met behind closed doors, Johnson released a dramatic video statement and told the UK to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. He declared the EU wasn't negotiating seriously and threatened that "unless there is a fundamental change of approach" Britain would opt for an Australia-style solution, which is a much more limited trade arrangement.  

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