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Hill chaos turns deadly after rioters storm Capitol

2021-01-07 08:58:28       source:Politico

January 6, 2021

Pro-Donald Trump rioters overwhelmed the Capitol Police and stormed Congress on Wednesday afternoon, interrupting the certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College win and throwing the U.S. Capitol into a deadly spiral of chaos and violence.

Shortly after 2:30 p.m., lawmakers, staff and reporters were forced to shelter in place and several House office buildings were evacuated due to potential bomb threats. Vice President Mike Pence was pulled from the Senate chamber. But the situation quickly spun out of control.

Protesters breached the Capitol, entering the Senate chamber and streaming through Statuary Hall. They broke windows and one man sat in the very seat Pence had been sitting in just a few minutes before, while another was in Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office. A handwritten message was left on the speaker’s desk, saying, “We will not back down.” Lawmakers, reporters and staffers sheltered throughout the building as pro-Trump rioters banged on doors and shouted.

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