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US elites blame riot on Trump, fail to reflect on system flaws

2021-01-09 08:56:15       source:Global Times

January 8, 2021

After the unprecedented storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump rioters, the US has been busy dealing with the fallout. Cabinet members and other officials are resigning or breaking off from Trump, and the Democrats are thinking of impeaching President Trump a second time. 

Analysts described the Capitol riot as the worst political crisis since the Civil War which showed the US desperately needs major reforms. However, when US politicians and media are working to defend democracy from attacks from Trump’s supporters, few of them seem to respond directly to loopholes in the US democratic system.

Even as they reflect on the chaos at the US Capitol, they are less likely to hold Trump and his supporters accountable. The arrogant US elites would never allow an attack on their democracy even though its decline cannot be hidden anymore, observers said. 

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