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Conspiracy theories, smears rise ahead of WHO experts’ China visit

2021-01-13 09:44:05       source:Global Times

January 12, 2021

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) will fly from Singapore to China on Thursday to work with Chinese experts to investigate the origin of COVID-19, the Chinese foreign ministry announced on Tuesday. 

The visit, which comes as China is under huge pressure from imported COVID-19 cases and a domestic virus resurgence, shows the country has always been dedicated to making its contribution to the global fight against the pandemic with a transparent, responsible attitude and a spirit of respect for science, experts said. 

Tuesday's announcement is a fresh slap on the face for some politicians - for example, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - who still refuse to give up their smears against China and have been seeking every chance to attack China for concealing information about the outbreak. Such attempts could be seen in particular ahead of the WHO experts' visit. 

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