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ASEAN summit: Vietnam, Singapore call for COC by China on South China Sea issue

2015-04-30 08:58:54       source:Ecnonomic Times

April 29, 2015


"With China showing no signs of climbing down from its claim in the South China Sea region and continuing with building artificial islands including airstrips in the region, some members of the ASEAN including Vietnam and Singapore at their just concluded summit have called for immediate Code of Conduct (COC) by Beijing and the regional grouping to manage rising tensions. 

ASEAN summit hosts Malaysia too joined the demand for early COC. Malaysian Prime Minister Nazib Razak said respect to international law, including the 1982 UNCLOS must be a basis of regulations on interfering in the East Sea activities. As Chair of the ASEAN, Malaysia hopes that the region will make strides in achieving the COC soon, he said."


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