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China mentions 'reasonable demands' of Myanmar social movement, strives to promote dialogue: Ambassador

2021-02-17 08:46:54       source:Global Times

Febuary 16, 2021

China mentioned the "reasonable demands" of Myanmar's social movement and strove to promote dialogue while urging all parties to stay calm and restrained, avoiding violence, the Chinese ambassador said in an interview on Tuesday. He denied recent rumors about China being involved in certain affairs such as transporting technicians to Myanmar and helping the country build an internet firewall.

"The current development in Myanmar is absolutely not what China wants to see. We hope that all parties of Myanmar could handle differences properly under the framework of the constitution and laws and maintain political and social stability," Ambassador Chen Hai told local media.

China supports mediation efforts by ASEAN and the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General on Myanmar. China is also playing a constructive role, by promoting peace and dialogue at its core, he said.

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