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Transportation sees strong growth as China welcomes first public holidays after Spring Festival

2021-04-05 09:12:55       source:Global Times

April 4, 2021

Chinese public transportation including airway, road and railway in the past two days have seen a strong growth as the country welcomes the Qingming Festival – the first public holidays in 2021 after the Spring Festival in February, and consumption is also expected to see an obvious increase during the holidays.

According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, 1.54 million passengers took flights on Saturday – the first day of the three-day Qingming Festival holidays, a surge of 369.2 percent over the figure one year before when China was struggling with the COVID-19 epidemic. The air traffic volume is close to the level in 2019.

The railway traffic during the holidays has also seen strong growth, with the number of passengers on Saturday hitting 14.64 million, which is the highest this year. And China’s railway authority has arranged 963 extra trips for the second day of the holidays, according toChina's railway operator.

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