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(Analysis) South China Sea Disputes: Sovereignty And Indonesian Foreign Policy

2015-05-15 08:52:49       source:Eurasia Review

By René L Pattiradjawane

May 14, 2015

"President Jokowi's foreign policy vision of Indonesia as a Global Maritime Axis has to relate to China's Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century. Given these two visions from East Asia's two largest states, how will Indonesia play its part to contribute to the resolution of the South China Sea disputes?

President Joko Widodo's ambition to turn Indonesia into a maritime power in his first five-year term of office is an enormous task not only domestically but also regionally. President Jokowi's vision of Indonesia as a Global Maritime Axis faces a geopolitical environment which is more tense amid a new contest for influence between the great powers of the Asia-Pacific region - the United States and China."

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