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WHO-China scientists warn of missing key studies window

2021-08-26 09:35:49       source:Global Times

August 26, 2021

The US has failed at COVID-19 origins tracing and its intelligence report on the virus origins was a failed set-up and buck-passing report, although the full report has not been released yet, insiders said, after US media reports said the report was "inconclusive" in determining the cause of the pandemic.

Some international scientists who believe the critical window for key scientific study on the coronavirus origins is closing, stressed that the US' intelligence report having no new evidence has been expected by most scientists around the world, as its report was not conducted based on science and not in cooperation with China and other countries. 

The Global Times learned from sources that the report tried to smear China as the culprit of the pandemic using second-hand and unreliable evidence to prove the "lab leak" theory, a hypothesis even US scientific institutions and allies find far-fetched, and to achieve its political purpose, the US also sought to clamp down on scientists and the WHO, rope in its allies, and coerce China's neighbors to join in its smear campaign against China. 

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