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European Parliament clamors for tougher line on China

2021-09-06 09:37:15       source:Global Times

September 6, 2021

Some members of the European Parliament are continuously using the Taiwan question to provoke China's sovereignty and are urging the EU to reduce its reliance on China and to display a tougher and more united stance toward Beijing, but these activities are harming the mutually beneficial China-EU ties and adding uncertainties to the EU's future, Chinese experts said. 

Some Chinese experts warned that to deal with these irresponsible acts, China should make efforts to let the EU know that the one who gets more benefits from the bilateral ties should be more decent rather than provocative. 

After the frictions over China's Xinjiang-related affairs in March, caused by the EU's groundless accusations on the Xinjiang-related affairs and sanctions against Chinese officials and entities, Europe's anti-China forces, pro-US politicians and opportunists have recently found a new target - the Taiwan question - to further provoke China and damage the China-EU ties. 

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