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China-US green cooperation set to progress amid twists

2021-09-09 09:46:55       source:Global Times

September 8, 2021

China and the US are making a somewhat bumpy journey toward climate cooperation, with Chinese officials and experts still calling for partnership between the two countries to tackle climate change, but urged the US to change its hostile attitude toward China and treat China-US cooperation more sincerely. 

They made the call shortly after the two countries' tense relations had spilled over into their climate talks, with a certain US government official blaming China for not doing enough on climate issues, although the blame is more like an unpleasant sound rather than an interruption of the two countries' ongoing climate talks. 

Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen on Wednesday called on China and the US to play an "ensemble" of low-carbon cooperation. He made the comment during the China Provinces-US States Green & Low-carbon Cooperation Seminar and Matchmaking in Xiamen, East China's Fujian Province. 

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