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(Opinion) China's rise to alter global configuration

2015-05-18 08:42:33       source:China Daily

By Yan Xuetong

May 18, 2015

"Even if China realizes its second centennial goal of "building a prosperous and strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious socialist modern country" in 2049, the US will not necessarily lose its superpower status. Global configuration is determined by two key factors - comparative strengths and strategic relationships of major powers. From the perspective of comprehensive national strength, the components of China's national strength are imbalanced.

China's economy has had an impact on the world, but its political and cultural influences are limited to the West Pacific. Its military capabilities, the weakest link in its national strength, have hardly crossed the perimeter of defense. It is far more difficult for China's comprehensive national strength to catch up with that of the US than for its economy to do so. The US upgrades its military capabilities through wars, China through military drills - the difference is like that between corporate executives and corporate governance scholars."

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