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The East China Sea Disputes: History, Status, and Ways Forward

2014-11-28 20:39:58       source:Asian Perspective

Mark J. Valencia

Abstract: The dispute over ownership of islands, maritime boundaries, jurisdiction, perhaps as much as 100 billion barrels of oil equivalent, and other nonliving and living marine resources in the East China Sea continues to bedevil China-Japan relations. Historical and cultural factors, such as the legacy of World War II and burgeoning nationalism, are significant factors in the dispute. Indeed, the dispute seems to have become a contest between national identities. The approach to the issue has been a political dance by the two countries: one step forward, two steps back. In this article I explain the East China Sea dispute, explore its effect on China-Japan relations, and suggest ways forward.

Read More: http://journals.rienner.com/doi/abs/10.5555/0258-9184-38.2.183