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       Hainan Nanhai Research Foundation



       The Hainan Nanhai Research Foundation is designed to fund research programs and academic exchanges that are of importance to the maritime issue of East Asia.  It also serves to facilitate economic development of Hainan Province.

      Donations Acceptable

      The Foundation accepts donations with a legal source, including cash (RMB or foreign currency), checks, drafts and other securities. It also accepts books, documents, office equipment, real estate and other valuable items.

       Means of Donation

1.  Cash and securities can be remitted to the bank account of the Foundation (Account Name: Hainan Nanhai Research Foundation; Issuing Bank: Haifu Road Sub-Branch, Haikou Branch, Bank of China; Account No.: 266255030683). The Foundation will provide official receipts.

2. Valuable items can be mailed to: Jiangdong Yiheng Road, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province. Zip Code: 570203. The Foundation will provide an officially sealed list of donated items.


      The Foundation can sign an agreement with donators that listes the items, usages and commitments of the Foundation at the demand of donators.

      All donators will be recorded and the means of returning your courtesy are subject to discussion.

      The above articles are subject to the interpretation of the Foundation.