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      Dear friend,

      Established in the early 1990s, the National Institute for South China Sea Studies has been growing, developing and thriving with the rise of national ocean awareness and the national importance attached to South China Sea and South China Sea studies. Two decades ago, we started from scratch. Now, having been through difficulties, we have blazed a trail and grown from zero to hero: we have moved to an elegant and modern compound across the Nandu River, covering an area of nearly seventy thousand square meters. Comprised of research centers for Ocean Law and Policy, Maritime Economy, Marine Science and Maritime Silk Road, the Institute has also established the Beijing Office and has embarked on the path toward the international arena by establishing a branch in a city that gathers a plethora of world’s leading media outlets and think tanks. In the future, we will press forward with the same entrepreneurial spirit that has brought us so far already and with the firm belief that “nothing is impossible and we never give up”, an attitude that treats research as climbing mountains and embraces the nation and the world at our base in Hainan Province.

      From here, let us walk closer to the South China Sea, know it, explore it and contribute our wisdom and strength to the permanent peace and stability in the South China Sea.

      Thank you!


      Wu Shicun,

      President of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies