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Adjunct Research Professor

Lee Seokwoo

Lee Seo-kwoo is a professor of international law at Inha University LawSchool, Korea. He is also director of Inha International Ocean Law Centre, InhaUniversity; director of international relations, Korean Society of International Law;Chairman of Research Committee, Sea Lanes of Communication (SLOC) Study Group-Korea; and member of theGoverning Board of the Foundation for the Development of International Law in Asia (DILA), The Hague.He hasexperiences in organizing a dozen major international conferences, including the annualInternationalConference on the Law of the Sea and Ocean Policy with the Law of the Sea Institute (LOSI), University ofCalifornia Berkeley. He has taught at various universities including in 2009 at Marco Polo - Zheng He Academy,Xiamen University, China.

His representative publications in English are: Asian Approaches to International Law and the Legacy ofColonialism and Imperialism: the Law of the Sea, Territorial Disputes and International Dispute Settlement(edited with Jin-Hyun Paik and Kevin YL Tan by Routledge, in progress); Dokdo: Historical Appraisal andInternational Justice (edited with HeeEun Lee by MartinusNijhoff Publishers, 2011); Frontier Issues in OceanLaw: Marine Resources, Maritime Boundaries, and the Law of the Sea (edited with Harry N. Scheiber by TheBerkeley Electronic Press, 2008); “The 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty and Its Relevance to the Sovereignty of Dokdo” (with Jon M. Van Dyke), in Chinese Journal of International Law (Vol. 9, 2010.12, 741-762, SSCI);“Dokdo: the San Francisco Peace Treaty, International Law on Territorial Disputes, and Historical Criticism,” inAsian Perspective (2011, SSCI), together with a couple of chapter contributions in books such as MaritimeBoundary Disputes, Settlement Processes, and the Law of the Sea (edited by Seoung-Yong Hong and Jon M. VanDyke, MartinusNijhoff Publishers, 2009); and Jane's Exclusive Economic Zones 1999-2000 (edited by MartinPratt, et al., Jane's Information Group Ltd., 1999).