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Adjunct Research Professor

Stein Tønnesson

Dr. Stein Tønnesson is research professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo(PRIO), adjunct professor at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research,Uppsala University where he leads a six-year research programme on the East AsianPeace, associate editor for Asia in the Journal of Peace Research, board member of Norfund, a Norwegiandevelopment finance institution, and member of the Editorial Board of Global Asia. He has done research on decolonisation, revolution, war and nation building in Southeast Asia, and the disputes in the South China Sea.His most recent book is Vietnam 1946: How the War Began, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010. Hispublications on maritime questions include “Vietnam’s Objective in the South China Sea...” ContemporarySoutheast Asia 22(1), April 2000: 199–122; “China and the South China Sea: A Peace Proposal,” SecurityDialogue 31(3), September 2000: 307-326; “The Paracels: The ‘Other’ South China Sea Dispute,” AsianPerspective 26(4), 2002: 145-169; “The South China Sea in the Age of European Decline,” Modern AsianStudies 40(1), 2006: 1–57, “China’s Changing Role in the South China Sea...” Harvard Asia Quarterly XII (3&4),2010: 18-30, and “Could China and Vietnam Resolve the Conflicts in the South China Sea?” chapter to bepublished in a book edited by Song Yann-huei and ZouKeyuan.