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NISCSS Cohosted Seminar on Building a High-standard and High-quality Hainan Pilot FTZ

2018-10-29 16:15:04       source:NISCSS

On 26 October 2018, a seminar on Building a High-standard and High-quality Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) was held in Haikou, co-organized by the National Institute for South China Sea Studies (NISCSS), China Institute for Reform and Development, Research Center on Free Trade Zones of Counselors’ Office of the State Council, and Research Office of the People’s Government of Hainan Province.


More than 100 government officials, scholars, entrepreneurs and media representatives from various countries and regions such as Singapore, South Korea, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Taiwan participated in the seminar. Theoretical and practical issues relevant to the FTZ were discussed in great depth. Dr. Wu Shicun, president of NISCSS and vice president of the China Institute for Free Trade Ports with Chinese Characteristics attended the seminar and chaired the session on “major tasks for building Hainan into a high-standard and high-quality pilot FTZ.”