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‘China House’ signals US tougher gears for competition

2022-12-19 09:08:34       source:Global Times

December 18, 2022

The US State Department has established the Office of China Coordination, commonly known as the "China House," to coordinate US policy toward Beijing, a move that signals the US is seeking to reinforce its competition with China, analysts said, warning that the Biden administration continues to say one thing while doing another and takes no effective measures to resolve disputes with China.

The US State Department announced that it is opening the “China House” on Friday which will serve as the convening point for US policy toward Beijing and boost the number of diplomats focused on China, the CNN reported. 

Blinken announced his plans to launch the office in a speech in May and the Friday announcement came one month after the meeting between the Chinese and US’ top leaders in Bali, Indonesia, during which US President Joe Biden reiterated his "five noes" commitment. Analysts called on the US to take tangible actions to honor its commitment instead of further hurting bilateral relations. 

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