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Biden says Russia will ‘never’ win as he pledges support for war-weary Ukraine

2023-02-22 10:51:17       source:CNBC

February 21, 2023

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden spoke to a crowd of thousands in Warsaw, Poland, on Tuesday to mark the coming one-year mark since Russia invaded Ukraine, vowing to support beleaguered Ukraine and placing the war in the broader context of a struggle between authoritarianism and democracy.

“One year ago, the world was bracing for the fall of Kyiv,” Biden said at the Warsaw Royal Castle Gardens as the crowd waved Polish flags. “Well I’ve just come from a visit to Kyiv and I can report Kyiv stands strong, Kyiv stands proud, it stands tall and most important, it stands free.”

Biden’s remarks follow a surprise 23-hour visit to Ukraine’s war-weary capital on Monday. Under extraordinary secrecy, Biden traveled by plane, then by train for 10 hours overnight to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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