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Yellen’s remarks on China-US economic relations show US ‘saying one thing but doing another’: experts

2023-04-22 09:24:43       source:Global Times

April 21, 2023

Chinese experts said that China welcomes and agrees to build a healthy, constructive and fair trade relationship with the US, but the US is being deceptive by "saying one thing but doing another," aiming to benefit from the economic cooperation with China while still catering to domestic politicians, commenting on remarks on the China-US economic relationship made by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

In the speech delivered at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies on Thursday local time, Yellen said that the US seeks a healthy, constructive and fair economic relationship with China. She also stressed that the US does not seek to "decouple" its economy from China's which would be "disastrous" for both countries.

The US "saying one thing but doing another" has become the norm in China-US economic exchanges, experts noted. From last year to now, several Biden administration officials have continued to express the US' willingness to ease tensions with China in words, but the country's actions have not changed, and the US' groundless suppression and containment on China have not changed.

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