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US and UK launch new attacks on Houthis in Yemen

2024-02-04 09:07:31       source:Politico

Ferbuary 3, 2024

U.S. and British forces, with support from partner nations, launched a fresh round of air and missile strikes on Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen in retaliation for the group’s continued attacks on international shipping, the Pentagon announced Saturday.

The latest strikes — the third of their kind since Jan. 11 — came a day after U.S. long-range aircraft bombarded Iranian military and proxy targets in Iraq and Syria, the first of multiple expected rounds of retaliation for Sunday’s deadly drone attack on U.S. troops in Jordan.

The U.S. military is now ratcheting up its intensity on two fronts in the Middle East — attacking Iran-supported Houthi rebels in Yemen in retaliation for missile and drone launches against commercial shipping in the Red Sea while also assaulting Iranian proxies in response to the more than 160 strikes on U.S. troops in Iraq, Syria and now Jordan.

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