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Netanyahu's first post-war plan seeks security buffer in Gaza — in blow to U.S. diplomacy

2024-02-24 09:20:09       source:CNBC

February 23, 2024

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disclosed his first official plan for the post-war future of the Gaza Strip, calling for Israel's ongoing military presence in the enclave and for the preservation of a security buffer zone — a step antithetical to the wishes of closely-allied Washington.

In a sparse document released overnight and translated by NBC News, Netanyahu outlines the previously stated immediate goals of demilitarizing and eradicating the governance of Hamas, as well as rescuing Israeli hostages held by the Palestinian militant group since the terror attacks of Oct. 7.

In the intermediate term, Israel wishes to "maintain its operational freedom of action in the entire Gaza Strip, without a time limit," as well as to retain a security buffer within the besieged territory.

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