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FM’s presser highlights China’s role as responsible global force

2024-03-08 09:50:53       source:Global Times

March 7, 2024

In a press conference on Thursday that lasted about one and a half hours, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi answered 21 questions, covering a wide range of issues related to China's foreign policy and foreign relations, which according to Chinese experts has increasingly shown the maturity of China's major-power diplomacy and Chinese wisdom.  

The foreign minister's remarks have not only demonstrated responsibility, consistency and the forward-looking nature of Chinese diplomacy, it also helped most countries see clearer China's role as defender of global peace and development, said experts. Moreover, it also showed that decoupling from and cracking down on China will not only harm bilateral ties, but also exacerbate an already turbulent global atmosphere.

Observers said Thursday's press conference indicated that China's diplomacy will follow the trajectory of 2023, seeking stability and contributing to preventing the world from descending into deeper chaos. Such a task is not easy given the current international landscape, thus more cooperation will be needed, said experts. 

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